An uneasy peace has settled over the lands of southern Thedas, ever since King Maric of Ferelden ejected the Orlesian occupiers from his country and signed a treaty with Empress Celene of Orlais. Ages-old tensions still brew between the nations and peoples, and borders are hazy at best, but for the moment, the sun rises each day without laying eyes on massive battlefields. It’s been four hundred years since the last Blight, and people everywhere (except in Orzammar, of course) have consigned the darkspawn to the realm of nightmare and bedtime story. Good Maker-loving citizens have nothing to fear beyond the everyday toils of life in the Dragon Age.

Here in the Free Marches, a trade caravan winds its way along well-trodden roads, making stops in each city-state to peddle wares, pick up and drop off incidental travelers willing to pay for the privilege of the mercenaries’ protection, and hear the latest gossip. You’ve joined up with the caravan for reasons of your own, and you’ve been on the road for at least a week or two now. With miles behind and miles yet ahead, what awaits you along the coast of the Waking Sea?

The Walls of Ostwick

Dex_Davican Ebran Macuahuitl