Timeline of Events

9:30 Dragon

Justinian (Ferventis) 1 – The Cadash caravan departs Denerim.

Justinian (Ferventis) 2 – Vathras escapes from his master and begins his journey away from the Tevinter Imperium.

Solace (Solis) 15 – Vathras helps the Dalish clan Elathin evade Tevinter slavers in southern Nevarra.

Solace (Solis) 23 – Vathras arrives in Kirkwall and joins the caravan with the Vimmark Falcons.

August (Matrinalis) 29 – Androsius arrives in Starkhaven.

August (Matrinalis) 30 – Androsius joins the caravan.

Kingsway (Parvulis) 12 – The Journey Begins

Timeline of Events

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