Tevinter Shrine to Toth

An ancient Tevinter ruin lurks deep within an overgrown forest in the northern foothills of the Vimmark Mountains. This small fortress was taken over by the Cult of the Green Flame due to its ever-burning veilfire shrine in the basement.

This shrine was dedicated to ancient Toth, a veilfire paean to the dragon god. The cultists’ current muddled set of beliefs has clearly been pieced together from badly-translated and half-understood fragments of Tevinter and Chantry lore both.

A wall filled with veilfire runes tell the tale of those who wrote them and why. This place was a quiet outpost for a cadre of Tevinter magisters to conduct their magical experiments without constant oversight. The Veil is now thin here, thanks to their meddling, and this is why the veilfire never goes out despite the cultists having no mage on hand to maintain it. I speculate that this is why nothing has come through to terrorize the Free Marches—so far.

When the Andrastians first drove the Imperium out of southern Thedas, this place was too small and too remote for them to care much about, and they overlooked it. The three magisters here took advantage of the brief respite to try to preserve their experiments and their knowledge, all their magical work. They’ve written their names here: Calimo, Aequian, Falisca.

To ensure their work would live on before the Andrastians came to tear their shrine down, they enacted a ritual that would send their souls, whole and alive, into the Fade. And it worked!

The runes here are an account of their success…and a rite that will summon them back into the world, once the threat is past. Protected by veilfire because, of course, only another mage would be worthy of their secrets.

—From Travelogue of a Dwarven Enchantress, by Signa Cadash

Tevinter Shrine to Toth

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