Elven merc with a chip on his shoulder


Background: Escaped Elven Slave
Age: 21
Appearance: Choppy blond hair, hard grey eyes; leanly muscled and tense
Concept: Elven merc with a chip on his shoulder.
Class: Warrior 2
Goals: “Expunge My Weakness”; “Kill Galeo Ensis”; “Secure Sanctuary”; “Find Someone I Can Trust”
Ties: Aelfrid: her caravan employs him as a mercenary guard, was defended against a wolf pack; Androsius: knows his old owner’s family, also was defended against the wolves

Communication 0
*Constitution 3
Cunning 0 (Military Lore)
*Dexterity 2
Magic 0
Perception 2 (Hearing)
*Strength 4 (Might, Climbing)
Willpower 2

Languages: read & speak Trade; read & speak Tevene

Health: 40
Defense: 14 (10 + 2 Dex + 2 medium shield)
Armor Rating: 4
Speed: 13 (12 + 2 Dex – 1 heavy leather armor)
Weapon Groups: Bludgeons, Brawling, Heavy Blades, Axes

1: Talent: Armor Training (Novice) – You can wear leather and mail armor without suffering a penalty to Dexterity.
1: Talent: Two-Hander Style (Novice) – The length of your weapon and the power of your attacks forces foes to yield ground. When you hit with a melee attack with a two-handed weapon, you can move the target 2 yards in any direction.
1: Talent: Weapon and Shield (Novice) – You can use shields of all shapes and sizes. You get the full Defense bonus when using a shield.

Backpack, traveling clothes, waterskin
Heavy Leather Armor
Bastard Sword (2d6+1+Str damage)
Two-handed Sword (3d6+Str damage)
Mace (2d6+Str damage)
Medium Shield
Money: 15 sp, 72cp
Bedroll (10sp), Hunter’s snare (8sp), Skinning Knife (5sp), Frying Pan (5sp), Rations (1 week) (2sp), Rope (20 yards) (2sp), Spike x4 (20cp), Flint & steel (10cp), Torch x2 (20cp), Lantern (5sp), Oil (2 pints) (16cp), Whistle (22cp), Whetstone (10cp), Tin cup (10cp), Soap (1 pound) (15cp), Hood (5cp), Belt Pouch (1sp), Stinker (6sp)

Born in the forests but raised within the Tevinter Imperium as a slave under the altus family, Ensis, a young elven man escaped a harsh life of physical labor with the clothes on his back, a strong body, and a hard heart. Seeing the forest life as a thing of weakness, the elf cast it aside; instead of returning home, he decided to put as much distance between himself and Tevinter manhunters as possible. At first he stole to survive. Eventually he joined a mercenary company headed in the right direction. They needed fresh meat, and he needed food and arms. He didn’t stay long with this band for long, though, nor with the next three, avoiding jobs that led him back toward the magisters, changing his name, and nipping potential betrayals in the bud.

Now heavily armed, haunted, and homeless, the elf now called Vathras accompanies his fifth mercenary band in three months, guarding a merchant caravan in the southern Free Marches. It’s a dull duty, and it feeds him, but the quietude itches at his fearful mind.



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