Legatus Galeo Ensis

Former master of Vathras


Galeo of House Ensis is a celebrated legatus in the Tevinter army. Known for her focused study of Qunari saarebas tactics and her strong faith in the Imperial Chantry, she leads her troops in anti-magic combat on the front lines near Minrathous and instructs her legion’s slaves in the proper care and handling of the elephant and dracolisk mounts that her troops employ. She has most of them taught to fight as well, expecting them to defend their masters in an emergency.

Her few personal slaves, including the elf that would become Vathras, are entrusted with the care and upkeep of her gear—armor, weapons, carriage—and instructed to play against her in games like chess and Wicked Grace to keep her (and them) sharp. She doesn’t resort to as many excesses as some of her altus peers, but her supreme arrogance, sharp tongue, and willingness to use creative magical means to discipline misbehavior make her a feared master to many.

Legatus Galeo Ensis

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