Androsius Lacertus

Privileged Mage


Background: Tevinter Altus
Age: 22
Concept: Privileged Mage
Class: Mage 2

Communication 2 (Leadership)
Constitution 1
*Cunning 2 (Historical Lore)
Dexterity 1 (Riding)
*Magic 3 (Arcane Lance) (Spirit)
Perception 1
Strength 0
*Willpower 2

Languages: Trade, Tevene

Health: 30
Defense: 11
Speed: 11
Mana: 24
Weapon Groups: Brawling, Staves

Chirurgy (Novice) – Heal is a minor action

Spells: [ADD 1]
Arcane Bolt
Magic School: Spirit
Spell Type: Attack
Mana Cost: 2 MP
Casting Time: Major Action
Target Number: 10
Test: Dexterity (Acrobatics) vs. Spellpower [13 + Focus]
Requirement: None
Effect: Within 30 yards, deal 2d6+ casting roll’s dragon die. If test passed, deal 1d6

Spell Shield
Magic School: Spirit
Spell Type: Defense
Mana Cost: 4 MP
Casting Time: Major Action
Target Number: 13
Test: None
Requirement: None

Magic School: Creation
Spell Type: Utility
Mana Cost: 1-3 MP
Casting Time: Major Action
Target Number: 10
Test: None
Requirement: None
Effect: Heal 1d6 per Mana spent

Mind Blast
Magic School: Spirit
Spell Type: Attack
Mana Cost: 3 MP
Casting Time: Major Action
Target Number: 12
Test: Strength (Might) vs. Spellpower
Requirement: None
Effect: Telekinetic force blast 2 yard radius on any visible target within 50 yards. Targets knocked prone and lose prepared action. Failing check means losing next Major Action.

Staff – 1d6+1
Weapon2 –
Traveling Clothes
(50 sp purchases, 3d6 to follow):
Bedroll 10
Candle (4) [10c]
Chalk [2c]
Cup [10c]
Dining Utensils 2
Lantern 5
Mirror 3
Plate [7c]
Rope – 20 yards 2
Tent, small 10
Torch (3) [30c]

Arcane Lance: If you are holding a quarterstaff: Normal ranged attack (so stunts are possible), but with Magic (Arcane Lance) test. An Arcane Lance has a range of 16 yards and inflicts 1d6 + Magic damage. It requires no mana points to make this attack.

Magic Training: Arcane Bolt, Spell Shield, Heal

Mana Points: You use mana to power your spells. You start with a number of mana points equal to 10 + Magic + 1d6 and you gain Magic + 1d6 more whenever you gain a new level. You spend mana points when you cast spells; you can regain them through rest and meditation.

Starting Talent: Chirurgy (Novice)


“Saved” Vathras during wolf attack. Didn’t really need my help, but there it was. Now figures the least that earns him is some solid friendship, right? Good thing Vathras is eager to hear about Tevinter.

Met Aelfrid during caravan, and believes they should totally be friends because their families do business together. That’s grounds for friendship, right?

Tame a Dragon!
Description: Doesn’t matter which one, any will do!
Complexity: Simple
Term: Long
Difficulty: Extremely Hard
Type: Exploration, Combat, Study

Gain Renown!
Description: Androsius knows that he could find safe levels of renown by staying at home and being a good Lacertus, but his father had always raised him to take what he wanted, and he wanted more. He wants to some day come home as a world-famous adventurer, having seen and done great things, instead of merely staying in his father’s shadow, and continuing the same legacy. He does intend to return to his responsibilities one day, but he wants to have some badass stories to tell first. And his new fame should even bring the family reputation to new heights! At least that’s what he plans to tell his father when he returns.
Complexity: Complex
Term: Long
Difficulty: Hard
Type: Exploration, Roleplaying

Find a Legendary Treasure!
Description: Obviously even with his mighty (fledgling) magics, he’s in no place to immediately start gaining fame, but the best way to jumpstart his own legend is to find some legendary artifact, whether it be weapon, magical object, scroll or tome. Why work hard on your own legend when there’s such an obvious shortcut? Now he just needs to learn where to find one…
Complexity: Simple
Term: Short
Difficulty: Average
Type: Exploration

Future possible Spells:
Walking Bomb → Death Syphon → Virulent Walking Bomb → Animate Dead
Dispel Magic → Anti-Magic Ward
Arcane Shield → Fade Shield
Mana Drain → Mana Cleanse
Mind Blast → Force Field → Telekinetic Weapons
→ Levitate
→ Memory
(Force Mage Specialization?) → Fist of the Maker → Telekinetic Burst → Pull of the Abyss


Androsius Lacertus

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