Aelfrid Cadash

Merchant-born dwarf looking for excitement.


Background: Surface Dwarf
Age: 20
Appearance: Always-smiling, with an auburn braid and surprised-looking eyes.
Concept: Merchant-born dwarf looking for excitement.
Class: Rogue 2
Goals: “Prove my worth,” “Start a business,” “Get in touch with my ancestry”
Ties: Androsius: Families have done business. Vathras: Helped Aelfrid survive wolves!

Communication 3 (Bargaining, Persuasion)
Constitution 1
Cunning 3 (Engineering)
Dexterity 3 (Stealth)
Magic 0
Perception 1
Strength 0
Willpower 1 (Courage)

Health: 35
Defense: 12
Speed: 10
Weapon Groups: Bows, Brawling, Light Blades, Staves

1: Backstab: Strike from an unexpected direction! Approach enemy with Move and win opposed Dexterity (Stealth) vs. Perception (Seeing) test. If successful, make attack roll with + 2 bonus and + 1d6 extra damage. Can’t use on enemy you started adjacent to.
1: Rogue’s Armor: Ignore the Armor Penalty for leather armor.
1: Talent: Contacts (Novice): With a Communication (Persuasion) test, you can attempt to make a Contact out of a (non-hostile) NPC. Difficulty based on distance from your social circles. Contacts are friendly but won’t go out of their way to help you without additional motivation.
2: Stunt Bonus: Pierce Armor stunt costs 1AP, not 2.

Backback (traveling clothes, waterskin)
Leather Duster (with concealed pockets, + 1 to Dexterity (Legerdemain) tests)
Brass-knuckled Gloves [Gauntlets] (Dexterity, 1d3 + 1+Str)
Short Bow (Dexterity, 1d6 + 1+Percep, 16/32, Reload Minor)
-Quiver: 20 arrows
Playing Cards (35sp)
Money: Some, including a Sovereign
Brevalaer’s Needles: +1 to Dexterity (Craft) checks. Can also improve Dexterity (Lock Picking) checks, at risk of damage.

Adelet and Etienne, Apostates


Aelfrid Cadash is not quite the oldest child that her family wants. The Cadash family is part of the leadership of the Fereldan Traders’ Crafthouse, and their goal, of course, is profit. Reliable profit. But while Aelfrid is charming, and a quick study, she isn’t afraid of a little risk. Or a lot of it. Her high-risk-high-reward approach to trade and business have resulted in some deals going bad, through no fault of her own, and now she’s been sent to join her uncle’s boring, reliable caravan in hopes that that boring reliability will rub off on her.

It hasn’t yet, but Aelfrid’s game for anything.

Aelfrid Cadash

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